About Thermilate

Thermilate Technologies Ltd is a globally renowned innovator and leading manufacturer of insulating paints, coatings and plaster products that are highly sustainable. With over 10 years of expertise from the original Research & Development team, we provide leading energy-saving products in the field of protective insulation for a myriad of domestic, commercial and industrial uses.


Why Us?

Our insulation solutions include functional, easy-to-use paints and plasters which provide durable insulation to safeguard your home, property or equipment. We supply insulation paint products to all sectors including construction, industrial plants, shipping and cargo, hypermarkets, commercial properties, homes, and many more.

Our products are 100% genuine and effective and are:

  • Insulating and energy-saving, so protects your property and equipment from heat-loss in cool climates and heat gain in hot climates
  • Water resistant, helps keeps your property and equipment safe from moisture damage
  • Cost-effective, helping you to save money maintaining a suitable environment
  • Safe to use, as they do not give out harmful vapours or by-products (and can protect from damp and mould illness)
  • Eco-friendly, which is especially important in the drive to achieve an optimum global environment

Thermilate Technologies Ltd, with offices in the UK and Dubai, continues to satisfy customers around the world. We are committed to providing the best possible service in delivering environmentally friendly, high-quality products to save energyand save money and to work in harmony with our environment, not against it.

Our products are manufactured to original formulations which have been tested at world leading laboratories and government bodies for a variety of applications including UKAS approved Salford University and GEO Sciences in America.


Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in supplying the perfect, cost-effective insulation products and regardless of your location, you can be assured we can develop solutions to meet any specific application needs. From the UK to Australia and Canada to Dubai, Thermilate Technologies has covered it all!


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