InsOpaint Kitchen & Bathroom paint has been specifically formulated to provide premium protection against mould and bacteria growth typically found in kitchen and bathrooms areas. Combined with our world-leading insulating technology, this hard-working emulsion also reduces heat loss through walls and ceilings. Saving you energy and saving you money! Water-based, washable and with outstanding breathability, this all-rounder dries to a subtle mid-sheen finish that resists moisture, stains and grease.

InsOpaint Kitchen & Bathroom comes in 24 different colours and ships in 5L containers. Thermilate InsOpaint Interior can easily be applied by brush, roller or spray. If you are spray painting, filters MUST be removed and nozzle size increased to between 0.019X to 0.026X. Use InsOpaint in just the same areas as conventional emulsions. InsOpaint however has a distinct energy-saving advantage and has been scientifically proven to work. We recommend a minimum of two coats to achieve maximum thermal efficiency and three coats on exterior walls, internally. So a 5L tub will cover up to 35 m² with 2 coats. You can wallpaper over InsOpaint and it will continue to provide you with a thermal barrier to reduce the heat lost through the walls and ceilings by reflecting the heat BACK in to the room/building. The same energy-saving results will be obtained by InsOpaint’s thermal barrier, because once it’s been painted on, it keeps working.

InsOpaint works well when painted on top of lining paper, wallpaper already painted with another emulsion and non-blown vinyl wallpapers. InsOpaint should not be applied to “blown vinyl” wallpapers which absorb the paint and leave the insulating micro technology as a residue which will later become dispersed.


  • • ELIMINATES mould and condensation problems.
  • • LESS ENERGY NEEDED so lowers heating bills.
  • • LOWEST COST roominsulation.
  • • PERFECT TO USE where space is limited.

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