We first bought the paint a couple of years ago, when we were refurbishing the bathroom in our house prior to sale. With two outside walls, condensation and unsightly mildew had been a problem in all the years we’d lived there.
The Thermilate insulating and energy-saving paint was easy to apply and I knew as soon as it was dry that it had done ‘something’ because the walls were slightly warm to the touch. Until this point, I had been fairly sceptical because I couldn’t see how anything as thin as a coat of paint could achieve a meaningful degree of insulation. However, in the months between the paint going on and completion on sale, there was no condensation problem anymore and no trace of mildew, even on the ceiling where I had use the remainder of the wall paint, then put white emulsion over the top.
Since then, we have properties we bought to let and have used Thermilate paint on two that we have refurbished, so that condensation would not cause maintenance problems. The stuff works. I don’t know how but the price of a tin of Thermilate is peanuts compared to the cost of continually redecorating, especially as it is still effective when painted over.
You are welcome to use this email as an endorsement. Mildew is potentially hazardous to health, so I would like as many people as possible to find out how cheaply it can be eradicated in many cases.
Best Regards, Simon C. Eastbourne

Simon C. Eastbourne
Business man

“I found Thermilate insulating paint to be excellent and has helped keep the house warm in winter. Sandeep.”

Ms Sandeep
Family mother, happy user

“Hi. Thermilate insulating emulsion has worked very well for me. I’ve used it in two locations. The first was a very cool Hall, with a heating thermostat on a warm inside wall set at 19.5°C and a thermometer on a very cold outside wall where the temperature over winter never exceeded 16°C. After painting the outside walls in the Hall with Thermilate insulating paint, the whole Hall feels much warmer and the thermometer on the outside wall now reads 19°C. I’ve also used it in a sitting room with three outside walls which never remained warm for very long. After painting the outside walls with Thermilate insulating paint the room now feels much more comfortable.
I also persuaded my church to paint the main body of our church (ceiling and outside walls) with Thermilate insulating paint. The church used to have its thermostat set at 21° and it very rarely if ever felt warm over winter. Since applying the Thermilate insulating paint the church now feels comfortable and warm with the thermostat set at 17°C, which is saving a lot of money in heating costs.
I plan to use Thermilate insulating paint in the future when other rooms at home need painting.
I am glad to say that my experience with Thermilate insulating paint has been wholly positive and I now recommend it to family and friends. Best regards, Chris W”

Chris W
House owner!